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There has been such a massive show of support from people in Prestwood and Great Missenden. It might be helpful to think what support will really help people over the long term.

Who needs support?

There are two types of people who need our support. Many people are fit and healthy, but are self-isolating because they have, or suspect they have, the virus. These we can describe as ‘confined to barracks’. Then there are those who are already vulnerable in everyday life, who have been advised to isolate because of their vulnerability. This could be because of age, medical condition or disability, or because they are carers.

What is their situation?

The ‘Shielding’

This group are likely to need practical support such as assistance with food deliveries and picking up prescriptions. They are more likely to be on-line with established networks of people around them and resources to help them cope until they can come out of isolation.

The Vulnerable

This group is in a more difficult position. They will have to remain isolated until the risk of them catching the virus has diminished. They are less likely to be online, and if they are they may use the internet in a more basic, less social way. They are less likely to have an established support network around them. The services that they rely on have all ceased—lunch clubs, day centres, social groups and classes. They will no longer be interacting with their friends. If they have family they may not be close by, and if they don’t they might be feeling very alone. They are much less likely to have the resources to stock up on food even if they have the opportunity.

Some people will have elements of both these broad groups—everyone is different, and we will have to listen to people if we are to provide effective support.

How can we help?

The ‘Shielding’

  • Offer practical support—shopping for perishable goods; picking up prescriptions.
  • Plug into their networks—use technology to keep in touch with your friends and the people you’re supporting. Use video technology if you can. It is nice to see a friendly face!

The Vulnerable

  • As the above, plus.
  • Are they online? If so, can you help them use their devices effectively? What are their interests? Is there an App for that? (There are a lot of Bridge and Mah-jong players in Prestwood.)
  • If they aren’t online can they be helped to get online? Do you have an old iPad you could resurrect? Does your wifi extend to your neighbour’s house? Imagine standing outside the door whilst someone uses your old phone piggybacking off your personal hotspot to FaceTime their family. That might be the biggest boost to their mental health you could imagine! (Following good safeguarding guidelines, of course.)
  • How can you help social interaction remotely? Social Distancing makes this hard but be creative. Help with gardening—making sure they are pointing out to you (literally!) the jobs they want doing. Play games—online chess or draughts?
  • Talk to them—through the letter box, on the phone. Do everything you can to promote healthy and safe human interaction. Loneliness too can kill.
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