Thought for the Month - Holy Trinity, Prestwood

DH-1 A thought for the month by our Rector, Deiniol.

May must be, for many people, their favourite month. Spring has sprung, everything is growing at full pelt, the most charming of the flowers are all out and hedgerows are alive with life: both plant and animal.
It’s a good time to be enjoying the warm glow of the Easter season. The ‘Alleluias’, the songs of praise, the celebration of new life springing freshly from the old. The resurrection is a great festival, and an excellent excuse for champagne, spring lamb and chocolate! (If you like those sorts of things, that is.)
It’s worth remembering that the resurrection wasn’t a foregone conclusion. They didn’t know, they couldn’t tell not only what pains He had to bear, but also what was going to happen next. The Emmaus Road story, one of my favourites in the New Testament, begins a little time after the resurrection. Those two men, followers of Jesus (but how close? who were they?) choosing discretion as the better part of valour, seem to think Jerusalem’s a bit too hot to handle at the moment. Best to get out of there, put a bit of space between themselves and these funny, incoherent rumours. At least they have the courage to speak up about who they thought Jesus was to this stranger they meet on the road, but its clear they don’t really know what to make of it all.
The resurrection isn’t a tying up of loose ends, a mopping up operation on Jesus’ earthly life, what solicitors like to call the “roll up”. It’s a dramatic dénouement, a twist in the tale, a surprise. It was unexpected, unlooked for—despite Jesus’ own efforts to explain it to his disciples. But what is most surprising is that even after it happened, the disciples didn’t know what to make of it.
The scales didn’t just fall from their eyes. They didn’t believe it, they didn’t understand it, they disagreed with each other and they demanded proof. Just like Christians today do on most topics, so we’re in good company!
The resurrection only began to mean something real when they begin to experience it’s meaning in their own lives. If you’re not familiar with the Emmaus Road story go and look it up. It’s in chapter 24 of Luke’s Gospel. It’s as the risen Lord talked to them and broke bread with them; as they experienced his new life in their lives, that their hearts burned within them, and their new lives began. The same hour they got up and returned to Jerusalem. They turned right around and went off in another direction.
That’s what the resurrection does to us, and how we begin to understand it. It turns our lives around, when we experience Jesus’ new life in our old lives. It is rather like what happens in May. Growth is abundant, life spills out everywhere. God’s love for us is always springing up, but there is no better time to discover it, to savour it, to grow in it than Eastertide.

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