Ashes Garden Memorial

A Fitting Memorial for the People of Prestwood

We are delighted that the Ashes Garden Memorial  Sculpture has now been erected in Holy Trinity, Prestwood churchyard. It is a beautiful piece of art for the benefit of church and village in it's own right, as well as providing us with the capacity for interring ashes in the churchyard for many years to come. Over the next few weeks we will be landscaping around it. We are also finalising the policy and procedures in order to start using it. This means the ashes garden is now closed for new plots around the tree, though of course second ashes can be placed in double plots that are already there. You can still donate to the appeal to help us cover the costs of commissioning and maintaining the sculpture.

The Ashes Garden Memorial

about carve2 400x400The area in the churchyard where ashes are interred is getting full. But we believe it is an essential part of our duty of care to the community that we keep Prestwood’s churchyard open.
We have an opportunity to create a Memorial that is a beautiful, permanent and fitting place for the ashes of our loved ones to be interred now and into the future.
We have commissioned Martin Cook to design a stone monument to record the names of those to be interred in the Ashes Garden.
MCMartin is a highly respected local stonemason. He comes from a family of carvers dating back to 1730. All of his work is individually designed and hand crafted using traditional tools.
Previous clients have included members of The Royal Family, some of the world’s leading architects and many well known celebrities. His commissions range from memorials to the carved lettering for The Reading Room of The British Museum.

The Design

Martin has designed a beautiful, decorative stone memorial that will wrap around a section of the perimeter of the ashes garden in the churchyard, set into the exisiting laurel hedge.
It will consist of seven panels of York stone. There will be three central panels which will consist of a 'Tree of life' relief carving with an engraved inscription. This carving reflects the cherry tree which is the central feature of the ashes garden.

"The Tree of Life stands in God's Paradise and I will give to anyone who conquers the right to eat from it"

These words, inscribed around the carving, are from the Book of Revelation 2:7, taken from The Bible for Everyone by John Goldingay and Tom Wright.

There will be four flanking stones (two on each side) on which the names and dates of those remembered will be inscribed.
Smaller, individual stones can be purchased by families who want their own permanent, family memorials. The stones can be extended around the perimeter of the circular ashes garden for many years to come.
The height of the central stone will be five feet, and carved from four inch thick York stone.
Ashes will be strewn into the ground in front of the memorial, and the turf replaced over the site of interment.
The cost of the memorial is £25,000.

Please see the downloads at the bottom of this page for more information about the design.

How you can Help

Please donate online, or use the gift aid form attached to our leaflet and send us your donation.

Sponsorship Options

We will be creating a special Memorial Book to commemorate and record the making and installation of the Ashes Garden Memorial.

Memorial Book. If you are able to give £250 or more your name and a dedication will be recorded in the Memorial Book if you desire, and you'll receive a copy of the Memorial Book.

Sponsor a Stone. If you are able to give £2,000 or more you can sponsor one of the central, carved stones. This option includes the cost of a name and years to be inscribed on the memorial when the time comes, and your name and a dedication will be recorded in the Memorial Book if you desire, and you'll receive a copy of the Memorial Book.

Couple Sponsorship. If you are able to give £2,500 or more then sponsorship is as for Sponsor a Stone, but includes two names and dates to be inscribed.

Corporate Sponsorship. There are opportunities for local businesses to give to this important community project. Please This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

For more information on sponsorship options, or to take up one of these options please This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

This is a significant investment in the future of our churchyard, church and village. We believe this is the best way to ensure that ashes can continue to be interred at Holy Trinity into the future. The memorial will have a working life of a century with additional stones added to the perimeter.
CharlesCamThe church maintains the churchyard at no expense to the community. It is a major expense both financially and in time from the small army of volunteers who maintain it.
Any funds received in excess of the cost will be used to help maintain the churchyard.
Please contribute to this important, beautiful and permanent memorial. It means the people of Prestwood will be able to rest in peace in their churchyard in the future.

You can donate online right now. Please support our appeal.

Please support the Ashes Garden Memorial fud.

The Parochial Church Council of the Ecclesiastical Parish of Holy Trinity, Prestwood is a registered charity, no. 1129233.

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